Mundania: Summertime

On a rainy Friday morning, I’m savoring the low-demand days of summer by drinking coffee and going through pictures on my phone. That way you can savor summer with us! Oh, come on, you know it’s fun. Don’t be a spiky apple!

Um, well, I guess that’s a good place to start. Behold, the Spiky Apple:


The story behind this is simple: one of the boys found a jar of toothpicks right next to an apple. Somebody in the family remarked that the Spiky Apple aptly illustrates what certain family members are like when they first wake up.

We all laughed.

Because it wasn’t first thing in the morning.

Moving on, I found this Basket o’Doom in a store. It appears to contain: glitter, sequins, glitter glue, and stickers. Not only does it promise short-term rewards of excessive crafting disaster, it comes with a fifty-year guarantee of glitter in your household. Even if you replace your carpet. Even if you rebuild your whole house. I can’t believe a store would be so irresponsible as to put something this right at eye-level of tween girls.


Speaking of tween girls, Sparkler made this cat out of a couple of socks. She named it Button. Allow me to steer you toward this type of craft, which involves no glitter.


Our back yard hasn’t always been very hospitable. It faces west and originally had no trees. The only place to sit was on our 12×12 deck, which is kind of a sad deck after fifteen years. So I’ve put a lot of work into the back yard.

I planted a tree, which has grown merrily for about twelve years. At this point I see I made two major mistakes: it’s a Bradford pear, which tends to get brittle as it gets bigger; and I planted it at the corner of the yard, so that when it does fall, it’s likely to take out two sides of the fence.

But that hasn’t happened yet. So I’m working with what I have.

This year I bought a hammock and put it under the tree. Then I discovered a previously-unknown proclivity toward collecting solar lights. I currently have five solar lamps and one string of lights, and I figure I’ll pick up some more by summer’s end for next year.

A friend suggested that I bill myself as a “cultivator of a garden of natural light.” Absolutely. Sir Hiss, put it on my luggage!

Here’s Bookgirl enjoying her favorite summertime retreat. The camera valiantly tried to capture the picture in the low evening light.


Here’s a non-flash picture that includes the string of lights. Ranger saw my display and exclaimed, “This is amazing! It’s like a festival!” Why yes. That’s how we Cultivators of Natural Light feel also.


Filed under the same category as The Spiky Apple, this pack of crackers was sitting right next to a bread knife. So Ranger sliced them in half, then left the scene because he wasn’t sure what to do with the body.


Edit to this photo: Apparently it wasn’t Ranger. It was Gamerboy, who told me, “Actually, the crackers thing was me. I got a bag of crackers, decided I wasn’t hungry, left them in my room for anywhere from 6 to 48 hours, and then cut them in half.” I can’t say I’m any more enlightened. 

Two out-and-about photos I snapped recently. Here’s an old house on a hill. It was probably once pretty grand, but now it’s surrounded by construction on three sides so I doubt it’s long for this world. I took a picture before it passed on to the Great Neighborhood in the Sky.


On my way to pick up Sparkler from a day camp over town, I caught this moment. I call it “Diversity Out for a Stroll.”


Sparkler met a friend at day camp, so they shoved their mothers together begging for us to exchange phone numbers. We moms actually ended up having a lot to talk about; I look forward to seeing her again. As we were offering bits of introduction about ourselves, I mentioned that I homeschool Sparkler. She lit up and said she’d homeschooled her older children, and she thought I was probably a homeschooler too!

When I got home, I had Bookgirl take this picture of me. This is how I looked. Apparently I give off homeschooler vibes. I’m not sure this is an entirely good thing. On the other hand, I guess I do give the impression that I don’t care about whether I fit into the system or not.



The bunny continues to be my faithful companion for about two hours every day — well, almost every day, or at least a lot of days — for two hours, after which he disappears under a bed or behind the couch and is too sleepy to care.


And lastly, one development this summer is that Gamerboy is looking a whole lot like his dad.


Hope you’ve got summertime moments to savor, too! But if you’re lacking, you’re welcome to borrow one of my random assortment.


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