An Interview with a 16-year-old



Bookgirl is 16.

I’ve watched her grow up, of course, but a birthday compels me to stop and really take notice. She’s still highly introverted, but willing to be a friend to her very sociable sister. She laughs at her brother’s jokes while keeping him literally at arm’s length when he tries to hug her. And she grants her youngest brother the extremely special privilege of being allowed to sit on her back and tug on her ears to fire laser beams.

She’s incredibly like her dad in how she approaches (or evades) life, but got a hefty serving of her mom’s love for words and characters.

Before I digress into motherly reflections on how feel about this occasion (a mixture of joy and apology), I’ll hush up and let Bookgirl talk about her own self. Straight from the dragon’s mouth, as it is.*

*Haha, joke! Bookgirl has loved dragons for a long time. As in, she mentioned them in her very first birthday post when she turned 4.

Interview with Bookgirl Jones on her 16th Birthday

Thanks for joining us, Bookgirl. You and your ever-present best friend, your laptop. Let’s talk about you.

Q: What are your current interests?

A: Reading, writing, drawing, surfing Facebook, Match-3 games, the bunny


Q: Any romances?

A: No romances, except in writing.


Q: Tell me about your writing

A: I tend to write girls who are snarky with strong personalities. They tend to drive the plot, which is good. This month I’m working on a sci-fi.


Q: What are three favorite books/genres?

A: Covenants (high fantasy); Paradigms Lost (urban fantasy); Dresden Files (urban fantasy)


Q: What is a book you hated?

A: The last book of “The Name of the Book Is Secret” series. The ending was… ugh. The big secret was a literal JOKE.


Q: Any ambitions in life?

A: Get through college, be an English major, get an internship, work up to being an editor


Q: Anywhere you’d like to travel?

A: Hershey Park. And Hogwarts


Q: Do you still like dragons?

A: Yes, a lot. I tend to like big dragons that breathe lots of fire and have hearts of gold.


Q: What is one of your earliest memories?

A: Lots of bright lights and I heard you say, “Well, hi there!”

(Note: her mother does not believe this assertion, despite the fact that she’s insisted it for years.)

A: Also, running through the house waiting to wrap a present for Gamerboy’s second birthday.

(She would have been 4.)



Q: Where do you like to spend your time?

A: In my room or the storage room. My room has better wifi. (We call the storage room her “cave,” as in, “Could you tell Bookgirl it’s time to eat? She’s in her cave.”)

A: And outside on the hammock. Bouncing on the trampoline.


Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Oh, web comics.

Q: What about web comics?

A: I really like web comics. Daughter of the Lilies, Kiwi Blitz, Casseopia Quinn


Q: Any thoughts on turning 16?

A: I am old enough to legally drive now and that’s scary.


Q: Anything special you’re doing for your birthday?

A: Eating s’mores cake!


She’s been her very own person from the first day she arrived. It’s been a pretty grand experience watching her grow up. Here’s to many more years of books and dragons and unverifiable assertions.

Happy birthday, Bookgirl! We love you!

She often poses with elephants because it’s a running joke in the Facebook group where she does most of her socializing.





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