8 Is Great!


“Imagine if a box was empty, but it cost all the money in the world to buy.”

“Would you rather… have to sleep on a glacier, or on obsidian?”

Ranger’s mind is constantly buzzing with these conundrums. He’s often too busy “wondering” to take into account the consequences of his decisions.

Like when he found a can of white spray paint, smashed it open, and anointed several objects including the back fence, the mailbox, and the hood of the van before it occurred to him that “maybe I should ask about this first.” He’s always very sorry.

He’s like quicksilver when it comes to video games or board games. He insisted on graduating himself to the adult version Settlers of Catan, and it turns out that he’s entirely capable of understanding intricate rules and strategy. DJ and I rarely have to take age range into account now when we decide on a game to play with the family.

He’s very affectionate and a peacemaker at heart, although he spends most of his free time turning everything — from sticks to breadsticks — into guns.  His best friend is Sparkler; he thinks she’s really funny, and when she gets bossy he just tunes her out so it’s all good.

He’s 8 years old today. I’m actually not home with him today, although I pointed out that I was present on his original and most important birthday. He’s happy with his presents from his siblings, the cake that Sparkler is baking for him, and playing games with Dad.

Imagine if… your youngest child grew up into a big boy much more quickly than you were expecting. Would you rather have that little baby back again?

Nope. We love our big-boy Ranger. Happy birthday!



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