Homemade Waffles, Just Add Waffle Iron

When I get very tired, my mind overcompensates. It’s like a relentlessly cheerful BFF who thinks that all I need is to just get moving! and I’ll feel better!

This morning, I knew I couldn’t do church — I’ve never understood those people who say, “After a long, exhausting week, I was so glad to get to church! So refreshing!”*

*I’m married to one of those people.

So DJ took the kids off to church for refreshment purposes (??), leaving me sitting on the side of my bed. Thinking. Laboriously. What should I do this morning?

Well, obviously, I should get my laptop and head off to my favorite hipster coffee shop. Coffee, my own music, and writing. That’s refreshing!

But still I sat. Maybe not my usual place this morning. Maybe I’d head to a different coffee shop about fifteen miles away. This one served extremely yummy waffles with orange-zest whipped cream and maple syrup. They’re fluffy and substantial. Perfect for a midmorning breakfast.

And yet, still I sat. Maybe I didn’t want to drive fifteen miles this morning. Maybe I just wanted to stay home. I am perfectly capable of making my own waffles, if I had a waffle iron.

Maybe, chirped my over-energetic brain to my over-tired body, we can go to the thrift store and BUY A WAFFLE IRON TO MAKE OUR OWN WAFFLES!

I seriously considered this suggestion for about 1/45 of a second. And then I laughed and realized how tired I really was. If I didn’t stop my inner BFF , I’d be shopping all morning for specialty waffles, making my own butter, and possibly planting my own wheat.

Instead, I poured myself a cup of coffee that my husband made for me before he left to be refreshed (??) in church. I cut myself a square of the apple-biscuitish thing I’d baked last night (I modified this recipe in a winging-it kind of way with apple pieces and applesauce). And I sat in the empty house and played many solitaire rounds of our favorite castles game.

It was really what I needed. I felt very refreshed. And my inner BFF didn’t have much to say because her mouth was full of apple bread.


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