Mundania: From the Camera

We know how this goes. I go through my camera gallery, pull off pictures, and write captions. Y’all read and enjoy it. Really, I’m doing most of the work here — which is, I think, really considerate of me.

We have a bunch of blankety children. Hang on, that sounds a lot saltier than I meant it to. What I mean is, our kids love blankets. Most of them have slankets — you know, the blankets with sleeves — and wear them most of the day from October to March.

Pictured below: two children have emerged from their blankets, leaving empty shells behind them. One is still in his cocoon.


Not to be outdone, Cosmic loves towels. We’ll spread one on the floor, and he’ll lick, dig, and then flop. Here he’s sharing space with what was a cardboard brick, and is now one of his snacks.



As part of our usual February festivities (ahem), we all took turns getting the flu. I spent basically two days in bed. Which means that Ranger was basically two days unsupervised. He treated himself to a bath one afternoon. I found this the next day in the undrained tub: about twenty (clean) rags, plus four sopping wet towels on the floor.

Let them be creative, they said. It’ll be great, they said. I’ll clean up the mess afterward, they NEVER say.

(But Ranger was clean and happy, and I was able to rest and get well. So I’m not actually complaining. Much.)


And this made me laugh. The local volunteer fire department got a new fire truck.


My writer friends treated me to a birthday outing. We went to a town where Main Street has a coffee shop, a gluten-free all-organic cafe, a chocolate shop, and a consignment shop that sells used saddles and silk blouses. We browsed a few shops that advertised exciting discounts. But you know, 70% off a $190 vest just gets it down to a price I’d consider if I could knock 50% off it.

However, one shop featured this door. I think it’s a display for the different types of handles available from this manufacturer. But as I was taking a picture of it, my friend remarked, “Ooh, that’s cool. Each handle takes you to a different place. Which one would I pick first?” This is why I like shopping with writers.


Grocery shopping with DJ can be entertaining too. Here we found a basket of pet mangoes; somebody needs to come through and clean up their droppings. (You can tell we live with an animal who leaves pellets scattered about the house.)


This pinball machine at my favorite coffee shop apparently finds life perpetually surprising.


So there you have it. Did you read it? Did you enjoy it? Well, then, I guess my work is done.


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