Mundania for the End of the Year

It’s the last day of 2016, and what better way to celebrate than with a Mundania post? Because to be honest, this is what most of the year is.

For Christmas, Gamerboy got me a journal book.* He chose it because he liked the key design all over the cover. However, it also was printed with the words, “Prayer is the key that unlocks all doors,” a rather empty sentiment that seemed to suggest that the book was a prayer journal.

So since I really liked the key design too, I fixed it with gold foil scrapbooking paper.


Now it’s all ready to record my ideas for a D&D campaign.

*In the interests of equal time: Bookgirl got me a coloring book, Sparkler got me some metallic gel pens, and Ranger picked out a set of colored sharpies. They all done real good.

Last month, I browsed a quirky little shop after the monthly meeting of my writer’s group.

(Ha, I love how I said that with a straight face — “my writer’s group.” It implies that we get together to, you know, write. We don’t actually write. But in the five years that we’ve been getting together once a months, we’ve published two books, completed an online serial and begun another, had a baby, moved, relocated our meeting place three or four times, drunk a great deal of coffee, and covered a vast array of conversational topics. Sometimes we even talk about writing.)

So anyway, while browsing this little shop, I bought a basil-growing kit. Up till recently, I haven’t been able to grow anything indoors because I have nowhere to place plants so they get enough light. Even with this little kit, Ranger and I had to buy a table lamp to give it more light. But! Just look at my for-real grown-from-actual-seeds basil!


In a possibly rash act of celebration, I just bought a kit to grow mint.

The other day we got a light dusting of snow. Ranger (who was up first, as usual) wanted to make sure that everybody knew to look outside to see the snow. So he left this note on our door:


“Look out.” It works if you read it aloud, remembering that Ranger has Canadian roots.

The day actually warmed up pretty quickly, except in the shade. Here you see DJ’s little car, Ferdinand — and the snow patch that remained where Ferdinand’s shadow fell on the grass.

DJ is enjoying the last of his holidays by reading. Not that this is different from how he enjoys any other day. Apparently he’s going in for naval grammar dramas these days.


The holidays are winding down and winter has set in. One way that my mind copes with the doldrums of winter is to come up with ways to torture itself. For instance, furniture like this:


I found it in Hobby Lobby and actually looked at the price. As if there’s any way in this life or the next that I wouldn’t lose track of which drawer I put anything into, and drive myself insane opening and closing drawers to find it again.

My mind whispered to me, “But we loves it, precious.”

February is coming. Send chocolate. And sun.

It’s been a good year for the Joneses. I sold The Fellowship and published Go Right. We took an epic three-week road trip. Ranger learned to read. Gamerboy got taller than me, his voice almost as deep as DJ’s, and began leading his own D&D campaigns. Sparkler is an even defter hand at baking and helped cook full meals with DJ. Bookgirl, still my household lieutenant in everything from watching kids to cooking supper, wrote thousands of words in ideas for stories. DJ guided two kids into high school and hauled all four to church nearly every Sunday on his own. Cosmic the bunny defended his warren and his people against many threatening earbuds and shoes.

Thanks for hanging out with us. Here we go into 2017!

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