Mundania: Mostly Kid Stuff

We’ve entered a new era in our household. Both Bookgirl and Gamerboy are getting involved in activities where we drop them off, and it’s useful for them to have a way to contact us. Last week, DJ and I presented them with their own cell phones.

They’re just flip phones. JUST flip phones, right. They still do more than the on-trend phones that DJ and I started out with over ten years ago.


Bookgirl told me the next morning, “Gamerboy called me at eleven fifty-three last night.” (Their rooms are right next to one another; they share a wall.) “Good thing I wasn’t asleep yet. But I’m going to make him a minor character in one of my universes. And kill him off.”

“Don’t kill your brother, dear,” I said.


We all leveled up after the last D&D campaign, which means we gain more abilities. Ranger found out that his character, a dwarven cleric, could gain some minor magic spells for battle. He was pretty excited, so DJ dutifully assigned Shocking Grasp and Lightning Bolt to Ranger’s character sheet.

Ranger stood in the middle of the living room, locked in a battle pose, hands outstretched, palms up, gaze fixed in the distance. It wasn’t difficult to see what was in his mind. He was the strong, tough dwarf with a battle ax, a sword, powerful healing spells… and now jagged bolts of lightning coursing from one hand to another. I’m pretty sure he considers that he’s reached the pinnacle of coolness.


A nearby family with several teenage daughters recently hosted a weekend long “Winter Wonderland and Ball.” It amounted to a multi-night sleepover with a contra-dance ball one night. Bookgirl got to go; she even bought her own ball gown from a thrift store.

As far as I can tell, Bookgirl spent most of her time writing on her laptop while everyone else bustled around her. As for the ball, she got dressed up, danced one dance, and then went back up to the loft and watched everything from there. We’ve always said she’s part cat.

That being the case, she doesn’t show up in any of the pictures or videos from the ball. However, she did have someone take a picture with her phone. It’s fuzzy, but gives an idea of how lovely she looked for the one dance she participated in.

And she had a fabulous time. “I got tons written!”



Ever since we put up the tree and stacked wrapped presents under it, Sparkler has been dying that slow death of waiting that afflicts children this time of year.

“I can’t possibly live twelve more days until Christmas!”

“It’s still eleven days till Christmas! I can’t wait that long!”

“Teeennnn morrree daaaaysss…”

So far it hasn’t been fatal, but I’m afraid she’s got only a couple of days left.


Tonight we went Christmas Riding. It was much less bloggable than last year’s Riding, partly because I didn’t make any route suggestions.

We stopped by an Open House party at a church friend’s house. As we were walking up to the house, Ranger said, “I feel kind of uncomfortable around strangers because I’ve never met them and I don’t know what to say.”

DJ said, “Well, when we get inside, just say ‘Merry Christmas, thank you for inviting us.’ That’s all you have to say.”

We walked into the house, crowded with guests. Ranger said at the top of his voice, “MERRY CHRISTMAS THANKS FOR INVITING US.”

That taken care of with all the finesse of a dwarf with lightning-bolt hands, he sat down and helped himself to a cupcake.


This just in: Sparkler can’t possibly wait two more days.


Merry Christmas from the Joneses!


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