Mundania: Find the Clues

See if you can spot the clues in these pictures!

I had Ranger dictate a “Thankfulness List,” then assigned him to copy my words for handwriting practice. See if you can figure out where I got distracted doing something else and was no longer engaged in the activity with him.


Yesterday, DJ brought a pie home for Thanksgiving, but he didn’t actually say it was for Thanksgiving. Can you deduce why we now call it a Tuesday Night Pie?


This recipe is sneaky and evil. See it? See?
You don’t see?


Let me illuminate it for you.


“Fresh coriander” is, of course, cilantro. Point made. Wait, what? You don’t get my point? Are you one of those people who likes cilantro? Despite the fact that it tastes like caterpillars? Well, I don’t, as I explained with passion and eloquence in this post.  And this recipe is trying to sneak it past me. In an evil way.

I guess, to wrap up this little post, I’ll say that I’m thankful that there’s no cilantro in Tuesday Night pecan pies.



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