Gamerboy is 14!

Recently, Gamerboy and I were at Target by ourselves — a pretty unusual happenstance for a homeschooling mom and the second child of four. We were being goofy, and in a random moment, he almost called a reindeer a mushroom. It just got funnier as we referred to all the Christmas mushroom decorations.

A couple of days later, I announced, “I have our first Christmas decoration!” I hung it up proudly. It was a poster of mushrooms, labeled in French. I used a red Sharpie to translate “Les Champignons” as “Santa’s Reindeer.”

Gamerboy reacted with his laugh that could raise the roof (Gamerboy’s volume control is iffy).

These moments are more frequent as he gets older, less of a boy and more of a man.

He’s a good bit bigger than me now, and almost taller than DJ. He loves to swoop into the room and announce “NUGS!” To him, that means snuggles. To his hapless target, it means being enveloped in layers of purple fuzzy slanket and the equivalent of a Great Dane puppy.

Sometimes he can’t handle the fact that everybody else exists around him. Other times he throws himself in among the family, alternately entertaining and aggravating everybody in the house. He loves any kind of game, but roleplaying games are his great love. He’s good at schoolwork but not particularly passionate about it. He prefers not to dwell on heavy subjects because they affect him too deeply.

He can make us laugh when we’re trying to be serious. He can sway us when we’re trying to be firm. He came lurching into the kitchen recently, drawn by the scent of fresh cookies. “Only one!” I warned.

He stumbled on his way to the pan. “I tripped. Hey, Mom, I tripped and accidentally got TWO cookies!”

Haha. Nice try. Happy birthday, Gamerboy. We definitely rolled a 20 when we got you.

Gamerboy and Ranger playing an early European board game at the Frontier Culture Museum. Any game welcome, any time.

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