Mundania: Apples, Cherished Moments, and Dead-like Bunnies

Let’s open the treasure-chest of pictures and see what life’s been like for the Joneses recently!

Every year we buy seven to ten varieties of apples at the local farmer’s market, and hold a family tasting evening. We vote on which ones we like best, and everybody always comes up with the same answers. But we’re always willing to try it out again the next year.

Here we are read to start.


For a broader look at our apple-tasting history, here’s a post I did two years ago with more pictures. Although I didn’t get a picture of it this year, I baked an apple pie as usual. I also dropped apple peels on the floor in case there were any foraging rabbits in the area.

A family game of Apples to Apples seemed appropriate to the occasion.


In other Jones news…

This trenchcoat was a happy find of mine at a thrift store. I thought Bookgirl would like it. Ha, silly me. Bookgirl adores it. She’s all about the Sherlock/agent/spy vibe.

She’s taken over our storage room as her personal workspace. Or, as we refer to it, her “cave.” Two walls are covered with her own concept art for the worlds she inhabits in her head. Of course, considering the aforementioned Agent vibe, there might be way more to it than we ever suspect…


We recently took a family trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Biltmore Estates? Who would even want to see a fantastically luxurious mansion built in the days of Robber Barons and obscene wealth? The kids were happy with bowling.

I snapped a picture of this framed flyer as we were checking out. Evidently this bowling alley had been around longer than we had. Join a league! Eat snacks! Put the kids in the nursery!

You know what this looks like? It looks like today’s ads for gyms. That indicates to me that people used to go bowling for fun, and now they go to the gym. I, personally, find this a very sad commentary on today’s society. Mostly because I like bowling but don’t like gyms. It’s a time-honored way to judge the current state of society.


I browse thrift shops for fun; I buy stuff only about 40% of the time. Everything in a thrift shop was once in someone’s else’s house, and I muse about the people who would have owned fish-shaped dishes or gold-weave brocade draperies.

This battered bag of silverware caught me. It’s monogrammed–somebody was once proud to own it. It’s poignant to see it for sale for $8 in a thrift store.


You know how they say, “Cherish every moment!”? I hate that advice. Not every moment is cherishable. However, I’m all in favor of seizing those moments that are. Even if it means taking a quick, blurry photo before they notice.

Sparkler had been looking forward to a sleepover for two weeks, and then it was canceled. She was absolutely devastated, as only Sparkler can be. All her siblings were sorry for her. Gamerboy isn’t much for small talk or setting others at ease, but he isn’t afraid of emotional storms. Below, he’s the purple blanket, comforting the pink striped blanket that is the sobbing Sparkler.

P.S. The sleepover came off after all.


Gamerboy is also the one who walked out from his room to confess that he’d broken a cup. Actually, he didn’t confess so much as announce that he’d created “Harry Cupper” with the a lightning-bolt scar.


I walked into my room and found… a dead bunny? Oh my gosh! No wait. It’s a flopped bunny. It means he’s particularly happy and comfortable. “Aah, life is so good, I’m so fat, I think I’ll show my appreciation to my owners by infusing a moment of horror and panic into their lives!”


Winter’s coming, and I can already feel the effects of the fading light. But autumn has some glorious moments, and I captured a couple. The tree almost looked like a woman in evening dress, with the way the ivy covers the trunk. The texture of the clouds doesn’t show up to advantage, but I tried anyway. The picture of the November Supermoon is compliments of Ranger.

Life’s been pretty good lately. Thanks for visiting!


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