A Couple of September 30ths

Today, on this last day of September, I was on the phone with DJ when I happened to glance at the clock. It was 2:15, and I thought, At this time sixteen years ago…

The September 30 then played out much differently than the September 30 now.

The Mississippi sky was bright blue, and the sunlight golden; but it was still very warm and very green.

It’s a rainy, gray Virginia day, not cold but hinting at the chill that’s coming. The trees are starting to turn.


We stood together at the front of the church and vowed unending love and fidelity.

I called his office. “Budgeting question. Do you know what we bought on Amazon for thirteen dollars and seventeen cents sometime last week?”


We were surrounded by family and friends. Those who couldn’t attend the wedding called to give their good wishes. Nearly everybody important to us was part of our day.

I can hear the kids out in the living room, listening to music, playing computer games, squabbling, laughing at stuff I don’t understand. Four people whom DJ and I love more than anyone else, who didn’t even exist on that day sixteen years ago.


We shared our very first kiss after our vows. (Yes, we waited until our wedding to kiss. But we, um, got to know each other very well even without kissing. “Non-verbal communication” was already a well-ingrained joke between us.)

We shared our usual kiss when DJ got home, but were interrupted by a seven-year-old who grabbed us around the waists and announced “GROUP HUG!”


We were madly in love, willing to commit our lives to each other. We had no idea what we were getting into, but we had no regrets. We were ready. Let’s do this!

See above.

Happy sixteenth anniversary, DJ. Then and now—you’re my love and best friend. How about some of that non-verbal communication, honey?

Us after a citywide scavenger hunt (hence the tie-with-tshirt) in which we finished 36 out of 36. But we were together, so it wasn’t like it much mattered.

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