Two-Scoop Sunday

Recently on a Sunday at the Joneses…

I let Gamerboy and Sparkler come along with me to my favorite hipster coffee shop where I go for solitude (and coffee). Gamerboy played with the chess set, while Sparkler sharpened her colored pencils. They convinced me to buy them a croissant, so I broke it in half and gave each part of it.

Then I picked up a little bit of the flaky crust off the table and popped it into my mouth.

Sparkler looked at me quizzically. “Did you just put a pencil shaving in your mouth?”

Why yes, that’s exactly what I’d done. It wasn’t nearly as good as the croissant.

Since I’m stalled between writing projects, my creative urge finds other ways to manifest. Today, a quiet Sunday afternoon, I thought kind of randomly, “I’d like to make something. Like, sew it.”

I’m really not good at sewing, partly because I haven’t had anywhere to set up my sewing machine for pretty much ever. But now my brain got to work. What if I…

  • … moved the TV desk to the window to become the sewing machine desk.
  • … moved the dresser to become the TV stand.
  • … glued foam bumpers on the dresser top to keep the TV from sliding.
  • … got the TV and cable hooked up again.
  • … tested the cable by watching 46 seconds of Food Network, and remembered why I don’t care if we have cable or not.
  • … take a moment here to add that the only reason we have cable was so we could watch the Olympics, and haven’t returned the box.
  • … set up the sewing machine.
  • … stared at the sewing machine with all of its various parts and wheels and hooks and wondered if I remembered how to do this.
  • …remembered how to do to it. Thanks, Mom!
  • … sewed a cute little cloth bag.
  • …looked up “easy sewing projects.”
  • … found instructions for making a simple skirt.
  • … discarded instructions.
  • … take a moment here to mention this is another reason why I’m bad at sewing.
  • … found cute ruffly sequiny dress that Sparkler has outgrown.
  • … turned it into a skirt, carefully following what I vaguely remembered of the instructions that I discarded.
  • … accomplished my creative goal. I made something.

Writing a novel is way less work.

Just to round things off, today Bookgirl is wearing a cat-ear headband for no discernible reason; and Ranger is laid out on his bed suffering from a condition known as “eating a dang lot of popcorn while seeing Kubo and the Two Strings with Dad and Sparkler.” I guess they’re the nuts on our Sunday today.


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