Sparkler is 10!

Today Sparkler has officially entered double-digits.

(Confetti, music, wild dancing are appropriate, based on Sparkler’s opinion of the occasion.)

In honor of Sparkler’s 10th birthday, here are…

10 Things About Sparkler

  1. She’s a better baker than I am.
  2. She loves My Little Pony.
  3. She’s writing a novel, and has about 7500 words typed out. She’s giving herself five years to finish it.
  4. Related to #3, she’s great at ideas, less enthusiastic about the details and day-to-day work of making them reality.
  5. What she feels, she feels entirely at the moment. She’s happy, she’s disappointed, she’s frustrated, she’s bored… and that can all be within the space of half an hour.
  6. She’s funny, and she’s sharpening the wit that runs through my side of the family. She’ll hold her own with her Southern folk in years to come.
  7. She’s been reading since she was four, so is full of facts and knowledge.
  8. If she thinks she’s right—or if she doesn’t want you to be right—she will argue for all eternity.
  9. She’s quick to offer sympathy and understanding.
  10. She is loyal and full of admiration for those she loves.

It’s been a good ten years of Sparkler. Happy birthday! We love you!



One thought on “Sparkler is 10!

  1. Tell her that I am counting on her to have a great birthday. She is all you said and a lot more.

    Judging from the picture, her looks are changing. Here I see resemblance to Kate.

    Sent from my iPad

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