Mundania: Mostly SJ

DJ yelped as he started up the van and music blasted out. “What was that?

“I told you I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift!” I said. It’s not like you can listen to This night is flawless/ Don’t you let it go/ I’m wonder struck/ Dancing around all alone/ I’ve spent forever/ Wondering if you knew/ I was enchanted to meet you on low volume. Honestly.

This is what happens when you get butter smeared on your phone’s camera lens. People with glasses can relate.


My favorite thing to get at Dairy Queen is a chocolate-covered cherry Blizzard. In fact, it’s the only thing I ever get there because I can’t get it anywhere else.

I first discovered this flavor twenty-some years ago at the Dairy Queen closest to us, which was forty-five minutes away. They stopped listing it on the menu, but I always ordered it anyway.

One of my and DJ’s first dates was to that same Dairy Queen (because when you grow up in a tiny Southern town, you drive forty-five minutes for an ice cream date). I ordered the chocolate-covered cherry Blizzard, and I remember eating it while talking with this man that I’d pretty much decided I would marry.

Later, married and with a child, I discovered a DQ in my own town. I’d drive through at least once a week for my Blizzard, until baby Bookgirl figured it out and demanded her share.

After that, we’d stop there on our infrequent dates. About a quarter of the time, they made my Blizzard wrong, so I’d have to go back and explain the right way to make it: vanilla ice cream, dip-cone chocolate, and maraschino cherries.  After all, I’ve ordered it for over twenty years.

But this week I took the kids to DQ, and was informed—by a young employee who had no idea the blow she was dealing out—that the chain no longer carried maraschino cherries.

No cherries means… no chocolate-covered-cherry Blizzard.

I’m honestly crushed. A little bit of pleasure just passed away from my life. I’m going to miss that Blizzard.

This is what happens when you’re turning the corner of your hallway with a coffee cup in hand and you forget there’s still coffee in it.

This is why I still dream about my childhood creek, which is a thousand miles away from me now.




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