A Story in Zurn

I’m having myself some fun this month. My friend Aaron K has launched a new roleplaying game, Zurn, and has invited stories based in his world. He’s offering prizes, too.

Zurn is a fantasy world, with a light tone and comic touches. The elements are familiar—elves, dwarves, warriors, centaurs. But because it’s still a new world, a writer has a lot more freedom to create than if she were trying to write a story set in, say, Middle-Earth.

I read the journal of one man’s travels through the land, and pulled out a sliver of an incident to explore more of. I haven’t written fantasy for a while, and my story focuses much more on a turning point in one character’s life, rather than an epic event that impacts generations and multiple races. High fantasy isn’t my thing. I’m more of the Jane Austen school of fantasy.

So I’m not sure this story will actually come about. But what’s more fun than some summer story-writing? (Most people talk about “beach reads.” “Beach-writes” are way more creative.)

If it sounds fun to you too, go here to Aaron’s site for rules, backstory, and a map. Some people seem to regard a map as essential to a fantasy story, but I figure that if the author can’t keep us on track, there’s not much I can do. Even if I could read the map.

Back to my story of one woman on the salt flats of Zurn. Not that there are salt flats in Zurn. Yet.


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