A Swype Screed

Cleaning out my picture gallery the other day, I found a few screenshots I saved just in case I wanted to go on a Swype screed again.

Oh, look! Guess I can use those pictures!

I’m an un-fan of lists and planners, but I have friends who honestly geek out over them. So I laugh at those friends. Until, of course, I actually need something done—in this case, a novel manuscript proofread by Miss Red Pen. Then I’m all for scheduling.

It was a beautiful sight.

Beautiful, I say.

Stupid Swype.


Here I was trying to comment on a picture of a friend’s son, who suddenly looked grown up. But Swype seemed to think such a conventional remark needed some, I don’t know, trippy hippifying.


As for this one — Swype, was that a… pun?


And here I was asking DJ a very important question. I actually have no idea what the question was by now. I’m reasonably certain he wasn’t bringing me any broiled houses of worship.


So yeah. Swype frustrates me. But at least I know life will never be Boeing



Stupid Swype.


2 thoughts on “A Swype Screed

  1. Oh thank you! I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! “Lotus blog” may be my favorite. But “cooked churches” are such a neat thing for a husband to grab on the way home…

  2. OMG I feel you. Autocorrect has the same wacky issues. I catch most of them before I hit send, which is a relief because occasionally autocorrect is very inappropriate 😛 It also doesn’t know as many words as I do.

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