Mundania: Street Lights and Tree Creatures

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Mundania post, you muse as you sip your coffee.

I have no idea what unimportant things the Joneses are doing lately, you realize as you pull the cork out of another bottle of wine.

I wonder what random pictures SJ has taken lately, you think as you pour yourself another shot of whiskey to drown the sadness.

Stop! Don’t do this to yourself! Here you go, a new batch of random Mundania pictures.

One day over town, I parked, got out of my car, and saw:


… you killed my father, prepare to die.

At a used bookstore, I found this repackaged version of a old Bobbsey Twins novel. I really love the line, “…strangely empty space where the valuable statuette of the Cretan snake goddess had been!” It could just as easily be “the Mayan statuette of the jackal god” or “the South American jaguar idol.” According to this type of book, exotic artifacts littered the Midwestern American landscape last century. But they never came across anything like “the Canadian statuette of the moose god.”


Or how about “the Virginian Tree goddess”? Known to lurk near an entrance onto I-81. It might be locked in an eternal battle with the street light for all I know.


My friend who never gets a cart or basket in the store still hasn’t learned her lesson. She can totally carry all this by herself. That’s what toes are for.


I hate pan-frying bacon. It’s messy and time-consuming. So I cook it in the oven. And I fit the whole dang pound on the roasting pan, too. Look! It’s a valuable British bacon artifact!


So there, a few pictures to fill that strangely empty space in your life where the exotic blog statuette used to be! (I know you can’t get enough of this joke, but you really should lay off the whiskey.)


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