Mundania: Winter Highlights

There’s nothing like blooming cherry trees and new green grass to make you think, “Huh, winter’s not so bad after all.” Not when it’s in the past, anyway.

I hibernated for most of February — ate brownies every day, didn’t go out to see people, and didn’t bother to Think Positive for twenty-nine days. Looking back at the pictures on my phone, however, I see that I did capture some moments of beauty despite myself.

Oh, look, the pictures are now on my blog!

Several times during the winter, I drove to a spot about five miles from my house to watch birds congregate for the night. Thousands of birds flew to one particular marshy spot of forest — swooping, chattering, staging fantastic aerial displays.


This was the winter that I lived out a couple of author fantasies. No, not going to coffee with my own characters; real life stubbornly refuses to deliver on that one. But almost as good.

I held a book signing for my first novel. Here she is with me and two of the friends who kept me writing during the agonizing revision process. Isn’t she beautiful?


A interview in the local paper wasn’t too shabby either:

20160109_103314The Fellowship

So yeah, writing books is all fine and good, but this winter was particularly grand because… well, because of grandparents.

DJ’s parents made the trek from Nova Scotia to Virginia to spend about a week after Christmas.

While they cuddled with kids and cleaned my kitchen (!), they also gave DJ and me a night out by ourselves. We went completely wild, as you can imagine: ate an Indian dinner, saw the new Star Wars, and walked down the street of a nearby small town.

Have you ever just driven to a town and walked down the street? You should. You find things like:

The most beautiful modern-style church ever:


The last house I’d want to trick-or-treat at:


A pretty random historical marker:


A historic house, built in the early 1700s but expanded a few years later. You can tell where the “new” section is because — see the iron bar near the green chair? It’s basically a staple holding the sections together:


This was our Indian dinner, if that kind of thing interests you.


So looking back, it really was a pretty big winter. That’s even without recapping the three feet of snow we got, big stuff for us. I guess it all averages out, between the joy of grandparents and the grayness of February. These winter clouds that Sparkler spotted express it well:



Bring on spring!


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