Mundania: Sunset Behind the Willow

I’m pretty sure that the title of this post would show up if you ran a Random Romance Novel Generator.

The time has come again for me to pull pictures off my phone and comment on them. A post like this is worth, what, seven or eight thousand words? Pretty efficient if you think about it.


Something about this cover really captured me. An idealized portrait of Martha Stewart on the front of her own magazine, in a white sugary heaven, a serene smile on her remarkably unlined face, with a meringue on her head. It’s like Martha Stewart the Archangel of Desserts and Narcissism.


Celebrate Christmas with… a sparkly pink giant squid? Oh wait…20151216_131316

… it’s a partridge. My mistake.20151216_131330

The inspiration behind the title of this post is a weeping willow a few doors down from our house. I love that tree in all seasons. This year as I’m finding beauty in the bareness of winter, I caught this layered sunset through the graceful branches of the tree.


And apparently it really strikes a chord with me, because I did it again tonight.


I’m pretty sure I can guarantee more “Sunsets (feat. Willow Tree)” on this blog.

And also rabbits. The girls decided that Cosmic the Bunny’s birthday was December 14. Here he is at his wild birthday celebration:


Speaking of bunnies, ours is so cute that it was kind of a shock to visit the pet store and see a teeny tiny baby bunny. It is not cute at all. It looks like something that the starship recon crew would find in the laboratory of an abandoned space station:


Here, quick, here’s another sunset to get your mind off what you just saw. I call this one “Fire in the Sky Over the Grocery Store Cart Corral.” That could be catchier, I guess. 20151217_165020

And in closing, the other day Starbucks made an unfortunate error. But I fixed it.



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