Mundania: From the Camera

Some of my Mundania posts really just look like I went through the photo gallery of my phone, where I’ve taken pictures of things that happened to get my attention at the moment, and pulled off a mismatched  jumble of pictures to make a post.

Huh. Imagine that.

Anyway, I took this picture while waiting for Sparkler to get out of class. The sky behind the tree is striped.


Our local mall recently remodeled, including spiffy new bathrooms. If you turned right, you went to the men’s room, and the wall facing you features this:


To your left, the women’s room features this:


I’m very disappointed that they didn’t use the same letter, just flipped upside down.

At Ranger’s co-op one morning, a mom left her youngest in the room with us so she could see about another child. There are a lot of girls in the class. Within minutes of the baby’s arrival, this is what it looked like:


(Ranger was under the table, eating Cheetohs.)

Speaking of Ranger, he created this… um… wall guitar?


He and Bookgirl both like to pause here in the kitchen and pluck at it.

Also in the kitchen a few evenings ago, we were dramatically reminded of why you don’t pour boiling water into a glass pitcher. It broke off as neatly as if we’d cut it. DJ wasn’t hurt The person who got reminded of this scientific fact of nature didn’t suffer any harm.


Sometime back, I bought several pastels from Rachel Estrada, one of my favorite artists. One was an odd size, however; I couldn’t find a frame to fit it. But why should it be wall art? Instead, it’s enjoying a new life as the backdrop for DJ’s Warhammer unit as they march across the Irish coast.


Stopped by a gas station in town. You want pumpkin? Forget the artificial stuff. We do authentic here!


The bunny is cute. He shows up in my photo gallery a lot more often than I realize he does.


And, lastly, a couple of weeks ago before the autumn color faded, I got this shot of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.20151103_165248

That seems to be the end of recent pictures on my phone. I mean, the end of my post. Funny that the two circumstances converge.




2 thoughts on “Mundania: From the Camera

  1. Haha, love the tree. And I’ve done what DJ did…except in my defense it was a glass mug–and I made the mistake of assuming that mugs were intended to hold hot water. Cleanest break I have ever seen.

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