Gamerboy is 13!


That was Gamerboy’s Facebook status, posted at 12:01 this morning. It pretty well sums him up: Exuberant, random, and fond of pigs.

(He says pigs are cute. Gamerboy loves cute things. Babies, pigs, Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons monsters that are in fact kind of terrifying. He, like Hagrid from Harry Potter, would definitely name a three-headed dog Fluffy.)

He’s taller than everyone else in the household except DJ, so now he thinks we’re all little and cute and likes to hug us. It’s like being hugged by a Great Dane puppy.

He’s got a future in game design and development. Or maybe casinos, due to his unfair share of game luck. What he doesn’t win by strategy, he often wins by sheer chance.

He’s good at math, hates handwriting, fidgets with things until they break, blazes through his schoolwork, and is learning to balance being honest with being tactful.

He’s fun to have around. As we launch into his teenage years, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Happy birthday, Gamerboy. We love you!

Yes, he has a mohawk. He actually has thick dark blond hair that looks really good when it grows out fully, but he’s preferred this haircut since he was ten.

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