Over the Valley

After a few false starts, I’m forced to admit that this post is simply pictures of us on Skyline Drive. It’s kind of like a movie that’s got plot problems, but the scenery is breathtaking.

I’d driven on Skyline a while back, and have been wanting to take the kids. So last week while the trees were still in bright color, we drove up to about 2600 feet.

I’d envisioned it as, you know, a Fun Family Trip where we all (except DJ) go together and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

And you know what? It actually worked. The kids were enchanted. Well, and so was I.

Here are four kids overlooking one valley.

Bookgirl is hugging Sparkler who is sitting four feet away from a gradual slope but still pretty sure death is imminent. But still wants to look over the valley. Sparkler often suffers from dramatically differing life goals.

As we gathered and rearranged and smooshed together, trying to get all our heads into the viewfinder for an “us-ie,” an older couple on a motorcycle pulled up. “You look really cute, but would it help if I took the picture for you?” YES. It helped. We and the motorcycle passed one another on the highway a few times after that, and we always waved enthusiastically at our good friends.

I’m generally not one to gush about how much I love being a mommy… but I admit, this picture fills me up to overflowing.


We saw a hill with one red tree. That’s why I took this picture — the one red tree.


But I did take some selfies. Four selfies, four photobombing kids…

(This was Ranger’s favorite memory of the trip.)

20151027_105236 20151027_111129

20151027_112958 20151027_113119

And that was our family outing along Skyline Drive to see the valley in autumn. Thanks for coming along.


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