Mundania: Cloudless Skies and Crowded Schedules

We’re into the beautiful blue-and-gold days of early autumn now. (We’re also into the gray-all-day days of autumn, but nobody wants to talk about those.) Sometime last week, I took Ranger outside for a scavenger hunt. He found “3 sticks, 7 trees, 3 birds…” The last item on his list was “A cloud.”

This was the sky we saw that morning:


The hunt didn’t officially end until hours later when some clouds finally appeared.

But Ranger and I made a scavenger hunt for Sparkler, and we also got a selfie:20150917_104040Funny enough, when Gamerboy attended his afternoon science class at the local Christian school, the teacher seized the blue-and-gold day… and sent the class on a scavenger hunt.

When I’m not gazing at the cloudless sky, I’m busy with Important Author Stuff. Like getting business cards.


My seventeen-to-thirty-something self is brushing away tears of pride that I got an Austen quote on my author card.

Wait till you see the bookmarks I got to promote my book. And don’t worry, if you come within about fifty feet of me, you probably will see them.

While the falltime sky is breathtaking, down on earth everything is a lot less transcendent. The aforementioned Important Author Stuff takes up a lot of mental space, and eventually will take actual real time. The trouble is, I don’t have a whole lot of mental space or time to spare. With four kids each taking a class in addition to their schoolwork at home, I spend every day juggling departure times, arrival times, and driving about seventeen miles a day. DJ devotes several evenings a week going over the older kids’ schoolwork, and three of the kids an have extra-curricular activity ranging from once a month to once a week.

This has never been normal life for us, and in fact it’s the kind of life I’ve always intended to avoid. I’m having a hard time not swinging into my superhero alter-ego: Elimination Girl — canceling obligations all across the calendar to restore peace, harmony, and white space!

I’m hoping I’ll adjust to the new pace, or that DJ and I can find a little more balance. But I guess if I get too keyed up, I can just gaze as this vision of happiness and prosperity:

20150913_093914 (1)

And despite the busyness of autumn, the gorgeous days do give way to enchanting evenings.



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