Sparkler is 9!

She’s been counting down the days, nay, the hours all week. Finally, the day has arrived: Sparkler’s ninth birthday.

“Everyone gave me something I LOVE!”

She reads, socializes with anybody breathing, thinks, and talks. Sometimes all at once. She’s developing a razor wit; it’s still in the production phase, but she gets off some zingers.

(Me: “I’m writing your birthday post.”

S: “Oh! With a quiz?”

Me: “No, I’m not doing a quiz this time.”

S: “Aww! I love doing a quiz!”


Sparkler’s Birthday Quiz

What do you want to be when you grow up? Scientist, definitely.

What do you like to read? Fantasy and science. I liked the ‘Ordinary Boy’ books with the time-travel twisty plot.

Tell me about your character when we play D&D as a family. She’s a twelve-year-old archer named Salazi. In her friend Vermillion’s diary, Vermillion wrote that Salazi tamed a wild rabbit because there was clover in her hair.

What is your favorite thing about the bunny? Binkies! It’s when the bunny is so happy that he just jumps into the air randomly. It looks like he stepped on something. It looks like he has an electronic glitch.


And today is such a happy day that we’re all doing binkies. Happy birthday, Sparkler! We love you!


One thought on “Sparkler is 9!

  1. I’m so glad that you consistently post to celebrate your kids’ birthdays! Happy birthday to your effervescent daughter. =)

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