The Unbucket List

As I edge toward 40, I’ve realized that whatever else is ahead of me in life, there are some things that I can reasonably not worry about doing anymore. It’s a great feeling.

I call it my “Unbucket List.”

I no longer feel obligated to:

  1. Fret about whether I did, in fact, write thank-yous for all of my wedding gifts.
  2. Learn to drive a stick shift
  3. Potty-training children
  4. Catch up on the pop culture I missed out on by being holy during the 90s
  5. Worry about whether I’m dressed seductively
  6. Dress seductively
  7. Take three math classes and two sciences
  8. Build an independent, fulfilling life and career before settling down with someone
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Party all night
  11. Write a bucket list

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