Glad You Asked! (A Mundania Post)

What About the Dinosaurs?

Glad you asked that. According to Ranger, “All the dinosaurs are gone. They just left bones around so we could know what they look like.”

May we all be as forethoughtful of our legacy to future eons.

Did Anyone Go to Boy Scout Camp This Summer?

Why, yes! Glad you asked. Gamerboy attended camp for a week in July. Being a Jones, he’s not exactly an avid camper or athlete, while he is an avid electronics player. But he did the whole week — no electronics allowed — completed nearly all of three merit badges, and passed his swimmer’s test (three years in the trying). Really, he’s a pretty fine Scout.

His one major complaint, besides the fact that he got every article of clothing wet and muddy somehow, was when they had to attend evening chapel. “I had to climb a huge hill just to go to church.” 

Anyone Else Go to Camp?

You won’t believe this, but the answer is yes! Bookgirl went to 4H camp for four days. She looks forward to this event all year. Swimming, archery, candymaking, glow-in-the-dark dances, silly songs, and campfires… all while walking probably three miles total every day to get where she needs to be. And all without her trusty electronic wordprocessor or even a book. It’s like four days in a parallel dimension.

How Is Your Novel Coming Along?

You are so thoughtful to ask! It’s finished and proofed, and now I’m actively worrying about devoting time and thought to the cover art. I’m happy with the story and desperately hoping fairly confident that it will be well-received.

Has Sparkler Decided What She Wants For Her Birthday in a Month?

Good question. The Birthday List has progressed as follows:

* New Toy
* An MP3 player
* These Things I Circled In This Science Catalogue
* What about a Nintendo DS since Gamerboy won’t let me use his?
* Earrings.
* Ooh, earrings.
* Can I get my EARS PIERCED?

So the current plan is that Sparkler is going to get her ears pierced for her ninth birthday.

Has DJ Rekindled His Love for an Old Flame Recently?

Funny you should think to ask. He’s now put himself in the rotation for computer time so he can play Titan Quest. What’s Titan Quest? Well, I don’t think I can put it any better than I did back in 2008:

Titan *yawn* Quest
Not to criticize something that my husband enjoys, but Titan Quest is pretty much the dullest game ever created.

Here’s how you play Titan Quest. You choose your character and name him or her. That’s the fun part, and it all goes downhill from there. (The male characters measure about fifty-five inches around the chest. So do the female characters, for that matter.) Your character sets off on a quest. He talks to villagers. He fights enemies. He collects treasures. He sells treasures. He talks to villagers. He fights enemies. He collects treasures. He sells treasures. He talks to villagers. He fights enemies.

Then, to make things even more exciting, he fights BIGGER enemies, and gets BIGGER treasures. This goes on until he gets to the tip-top boss of all boss characters, Typhon. He defeats Typhon. Hoo-ray!

At which point he unlocks “Epic Mode.” You know what happens then? He STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN. The enemies are stronger, he’s stronger, the treasures are stronger. But it’s the SAME DARN GAME.

The only thing remotely interesting are the names of the treasures, which score points for novelty. Just tonight DJ added to his inventory:

The Electrified Totemic Staff of Acuity
Charged Jewel Staff of Strength
Grim Raider Bow
Enfeebling Hatchet of Feasting

“Oh, come on,” I say, looking over his shoulder as the character runs through the countryside laying waste to satyrs and carrion crows. “Can’t you go explore those ruins over there?”

“You don’t explore in this game.”

Or, “Hey, weren’t you in this labyrinth the last time I looked?”

“No, that was the labyrinth in Egypt. This is in Knossos.”

Today I had an inspiration. “You know what would make that game more fun? If you picked up a magical trick staff that when you waved it, it turned into a rubber chicken.”

I was the only one who laughed. After a moment, I suggested, “Or a magical staff that turns the Minotaur into a rubber chicken.”

“Now that would be okay,” DJ said.

“Oh, I get it. Losing a battle isn’t okay, even if it’s funny?”


I just don’t get that game. I wouldn’t mind seeing one of those hatchets, though.

How Is the Bunny?

Well… since you asked, here’s a picture of him eating clover off my lap.



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