Mock-A-Meme 17: Things to Worry About

Stretch Marks

I’m really glad for this meme that encourages women to feel beautiful despite those horrible disfiguring stretch marks, which is the first thing that everybody notices upon seeing this picture.

But if she’s still struggling, I can offer an exchange. I don’t have stretch marks. She can have my smooth, untanned, three-c-section lumpy torso, and I’ll take her marks and a waist. We’ll both be happy.

Or — here’s a novel idea — we can agree that there are more important things to worry about.

Friends find stuff

They actually look like the type of people who would ask each other, “Dude, where’s my car?” But at least they don’t look too worried about it.

Country Girl

… a young blond sexy thing who wears tight jeans and silver heels that darn sure never stepped in a cow patty.

CrowdSo what you’re saying is that you won’t wait for all your friends to jump off a cliff?


Ah, now here’s someone truly free from worry! Also someone who is going to experience an ending in about fifteen seconds. (This picture references a struggle often highlighted in memes, the mysterious workings of umbrellas.)


Tsunamis. Those are tough to survive. You might want to worry.

Thanks to my friends who continue to send me memes. The supply doesn’t seem to be running dry.


2 thoughts on “Mock-A-Meme 17: Things to Worry About

  1. Those (plus your comments) were pretty funny. Especially the last one. Oh and the heals never stepping in the cow pies. LOL. Nice.

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