Further Sins of Swype

Ever since I got a phone without a physical keyboard, I’ve struggled with the texting program, Swype. [Read about my previous trials here.] Swype tries to predict what I want to say; meanwhile, my swiping technique is, shall we say, free-form. The result is usually confusing and at times alarming.

I normally catch Swype’s worst errors before sending, but for the sake of sharing my pain, I captured a few screenshots before correcting them.

Swype is into slightly racy slang: “Hey, your vibes shrug MY can!”


And next time you want to wish a friend a happy anniversary, mix it up a little to make it fresh:


If you owe somebody a check for tickets, attempt to take back the ballet skirt instead:


And yes, our children take the Stanford Achievement Test, but Swype sees no reason to tell your friend that:


In fact, if you persist in trying to divulge this information… Swype will take vengeance:


No matter how much time we spend together, the simple fact is that Swype and I are not fried frogs fryers FRIENDS DANG IT.


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