Gamerboy was holding forth loudly about his Minecraft battle. DJ interrupted with, “You need a vorpal blade!”

“Is that from Star Wars?” Sparkler asked.

“No, the Jabberwocky,” I said, and quoted, “‘Take the vorpal blade, my friend.'”

“‘My son,'” Gamerboy corrected. He told Sparkler, “It’s from Alice in Wonderland. By Frank L. Baum, I think.”

“Frank L. Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz,” I corrected.

“I think it’s L. Frank Baum,” said DJ.

We finally just called the whole thing a loss.


Taking Ranger to a birthday party this weekend, I played (at his request) some One Direction, including one of their standard love songs with lyrics like, “It’s nothing I could point to, just everything about you!” When it ended, he said very sincerely,

“This song makes me think of you.”

So yes, my six-year-old son dedicated a boyband love song to me.


At church, Ranger heard the story of the Old Testament Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers. That afternoon he flung himself at me and promised, “I will NEVER sold you!”


Friend: “Your kids are pretty snarky. Wonder how that happened.”

Me: “Your kid is already showing signs of OCD. Wonder how that happened.”

Friend: “We need to kick those darn little apples a little farther from the tree.”


DJ and I were on the phone, discussing the location of an office where we had to meet to sign some paperwork. We both typed the address into Google. He said it was across from that Indian restaurant, but I said I was looking at the street view and it was before you got to the Motel 6…

“Are you sure you typed in the address right?” DJ asked. “It’s 3784. Maybe you got a couple of the numbers switched. No, wait. I’ve got it wrong. I typed in 3785.”

“HAHA! I was right this time! I mean, that’s okay, sweetheart. I usually do things like that so I know how you feel.”

Marriage is all about accepting each other’s limitations and getting to do a victory dance on the occasions when it’s not yours that’s at fault.


3 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. I can’t even say how much I enjoyed the first conversation. And Ranger is rapidly and feverishly trying to understand the world, with mixed results. Good writing as always.

    Sent from my iPad


    • I actually was surprised that Gamerboy knew the poem that well. It always kind of creeped me out. Also, it was a poem, and poetry gets very little airtime in my head.

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