Mock-A-Meme 16: Perfectly Normal Women

Dear Men,
Today’s meme lineup features women whose perfect bodies are matched only by their well-adjusted personalities. Look at this as your illustrated guide to women you definitely want to date.

HugsShe strolls through a field of white flowers in an impending storm just to give you, her friend, a hug. This might prove inconvenient if you’re not a morning person. She’s also into re-fashion, in which she restyles old clothes and into new clothes. She’s not actually very good at it, so if I were you I’d hide my good suits, because chances are your legs aren’t as nice as hers.


VibeTribeAnd if her tribe is that of skinny, bra-less women with long hair and longer skirts, you’ll definitely want to take that into account before you agree to any wedding plans.


Bites in RearAnd she… well, she’s a blatant liar. That rear of hers does not have padding. (Not that anybody was looking, right?) Also, why does she have a tattoo of a pinup girl on her arm? Answer: two pinup girls equals twice the empowerment!


Mother-SonAh, how can you go wrong with a woman who loves her son? Feel free to ask her out, but keep in mind that she’s probably already booked up with movie nights, shopping trip, spa days, and candlelit dinners with her son.


Sk8tr girlAnother liar. If you’re lucky, though, she’ll keep her earbuds in so you can just gaze at that flat stomach and not have to make conversation.


Wise WomanI don’t know if it’s the extensive, unhideable sleeve tattoo, or the curled-up tongue that gives a stronger impression of wisdom. But grab this one, men. Wisdom with an updo, right here!

I tell you what, I’m just glad these memes weren’t around when DJ was checking out the prospects around him. I got my man in the last days before it was so easy to see what real womanhood looks like.




3 thoughts on “Mock-A-Meme 16: Perfectly Normal Women

  1. You are very adept at pointing out the sheer silliness of those stupid bits of advice or encouragement or whatever the plan is. I believe that normal men would be paralyzed with embarrassment if their significant others ( a term with its own bit of silliness) danced around in some of the costumes shown.

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  2. The redundant pinup girl reminds me of the Bradford Exchange philosophy of “If one is good, more are great” in “art”. This is an excellent example: an eagle with eagles on its wings:

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