Mundania 10: Trimmers and Tooth Fairies


Saw this display at the local hardware store, and you know what, he’s a nice-looking trimmer! Authentic too! I wonder what other qualities they include in their line of hunky trimmers? “In touch with his feelings”? “Fiercely loyal”? As far as the make of trimmer goes, I hope they’ve got some with reddish beards.



When our household was assigned a Tooth Fairy, we apparently got an intern. We’ve had kids losing teeth for eight years now, and the Tooth Fairy still forgets the teeth or can’t find a couple of measly quarters before morning. Since it was obviously too hard a task for her to check under pillows, we finally developed this system: Put your tooth in an envelope, write your name on it, and tape it to the outside of the door.

It’s not as mystical as the Tooth Fairy wafting into the room and magically slipping your tooth out from under your pillow, leaving a gleaming coin behind… but Tooth Forgetage has gone down at least 60% since this reform was instituted.


DJ said he was going to take a shower, but instead got caught up playing a game on his phone. “It’s a new tower defense game,” he explained sheepishly. “I like it.”

I said, “So you towered instead of showered.”

“Haha. Glad your sense of humor hasn’t soured.”

“Did you notice I glowered at you?”

He laughed and admitted defeat. “I’m not even going to try to think of a response.”




A spring storm rolls in over the trees.


3 thoughts on “Mundania 10: Trimmers and Tooth Fairies

  1. I really enjoyed this one. The notion of a tooth fairy apprentice is good, I liked the Weeder snark, and loved the rhyming exchange. The storm picture is very spring like.

  2. Mary is Tom Sawyer and I am Huck Finn. She convinced me that making the supreme effort to comment on a blog is fun.
    “Coward.” Perfect!


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