Free Advice for the (Not) Taking

You know how money-saving tips always say, “It’s not a bargain if you don’t need it?” The same goes for advice.

Some advice just doesn’t apply to me. It’s taken me a while to figure this out… but if it doesn’t apply, for heaven’s sake stop listening.

Books, magazines, websites, and twenty thousand shared articles on Facebook (just on my newsfeed… per day). That’s a lot of advice to not have to take. I’m getting pretty good at it, though.

How to declutter your home in ten easy steps! Well, is my home cluttered? Yes. Does it interfere with life? No. Do I know how to take care of it when it does? Yes.
Conclusion: Declutter my life by getting rid of this article.

Put down your phone and focus on your child! Do I spend twenty-four hours nearly every day with all of my children because we homeschool? Yes. Am I available if they need me? Yes.
Conclusion: Scroll past this article that showed up on my phone.

Ten things you’re doing that’s ruining your marriage and you don’t know it. Do I have a healthy marriage? Yes. Do we talk frequently and keep open communication? Yes. Is this a stupidly alarmist headline that should be sent to time-out until it’s ready to tell the truth? Yes.
Conclusion: Skip the article and go kiss my husband.

Learn to say no! Is this a problem of mine? No.
Conclusion: Do I have to read this article? No.

How to make your spouse your best friend! Is this something I already do? Yes. Is it necessarily healthy to expect him to be my husband, parenting partner, household partner, and my BFF who catches all my rants and vents and looks at my Pinterest boards? No, no, no.
Conclusion: Call BFF and go out for coffee instead of reading this article.

How to not argue with pretty much any accepted opinion, and how to not mock every popular enthusiasm, and by the way it wouldn’t kill you to put a little more energy into going places and leading your kids on adventures or at least playing a full board game with them.
Conclusion: Has somebody written this article? Because I probably should read this one.

P.S. Of course, this entire post is full of good advice, and if you take that advice… it means you don’t have to take it.


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