Mock-A-Meme 15: Love and Romance

I fell in love and got married, but now thanks to the wisdom of memes, I’m realizing maybe I did it all wrong.


This meme speaks the heart of so many of us who are jaded by empty modern romances, the ones that center around current clothes styles, color photography, and landlocked scenery. We all long for the times when people fell in love wearing vintage clothes on a beach in black and white, because love was more beautiful then.



As this meme amply demonstrates, you can be a very flawed and weak person and still find true love — as long as you are gorgeous and you fall in love in black and white on a beach. Also, it’s one of life’s bonuses that the person who thinks you’re amazing is invariably hunky.



But did this couple fall in love the old-fashioned way? I mean, they’re in color, and he’s sporting a pretty modern hipster beard. That could be a beach they’re on, but who can tell with all that snow?

Really, here’s the main reason this meme incurs my mockery. It reminds me of a courtship story I read as a young adult. “Courtship” as practiced in my circles meant that the parents were heavily involved in the couple’s relationship. The two of them were under the watchful eye of both families at all times. In this case, the whole process was highly scripted, as in, “During the Thanksgiving visit, we sat down and talked about our strengths and weaknesses, and our vision for our future.” Their courtship progressed according to schedule, and on Christmas Eve, he popped out of a big box and proposed to her in front of everybody. And she wrote, “God had prepared my heart, and I was able to accept his proposal with gratitude.”

The tepid statement horrified me. Gratitude?! Let’s have some butterflies, some passion, some roiling sexual longing here! So although I definitely am “grateful for my spouse,” it still sounds like pretty faint praise to me.

Note: That couple eventually broke off their engagement.


Couple on Pier

A friend posted this to my wall on Facebook, and there’s just so much here to contemplate.

My take is that they were at an event where he wore a shirt and tie and she wore a white dress; not a wedding, but maybe a dance. Romantically, they ditched the party, went wading in the river, and climbed up on the old boat dock for a kiss in the golden afternoon light.

Well, she thinks it’s going to be a kiss. He seems to have intentions of modifying her off-the-shoulder dress to an off dress.

What you can’t see are the two brothers strolling in their direction, intending to modify him from a devious boyfriend to a bloody-nosed ex-boyfriend.

I commented the above on Facebook. After others chimed in, I realized that I failed to capture all the intricacies of the moment. Other observations included:

I just keep thinking he looks way too much like Adam Sandler to be the one who makes you see why all the others didn’t work out. Hold on to your dress and keep looking, sweetie.

Are those nails hanging out of that board behind Mr. Perfect? My Mom Radar is wanting to save them from certain disaster.

I want to know who is snapping pictures while this is taking place.

Everyone is commenting on his hand on her dress…what about her hand?

I’m with the commenter above. ^^ Looks to me like she’s anticipating a bit more than a kiss.

Maybe I’m cynical but I look at this picture and think for real, get a room.

I did notice her hand, but after looking closely it turned out she’s just got a handful of dress. But you know, y’all bring up good points. A room would be way more comfortable…

… and who’s taking this picture?


Angry but loveNo doubt this is mockable. But fact is, I’m including it because I like it. So there you go.

Thanks to the friends who sent me these memes. I have three or four more in storage for another post.


2 thoughts on “Mock-A-Meme 15: Love and Romance

  1. The dress/light/dock meme looks like a Morning After shoot to me. There is a fad in the wedding photography world where the morning after the wedding the bride and groom do a second portrait session with the photographer who did their wedding. They don their now wrinkled and who-cares-if-we-get-dirty wedding clothes and generally wander around scenic spots spooning like they are in a Nicholas Sparks movie. Often the next step is wrecking the dress–which is probably the next thing that happened here, he likely picked her up and jumped off the dock. If you check out you’ll find *lots* of crazy stuff. (I may or may not have followed that blog avidly when I was wedding planning)

    My guess is that this fad started because lots of people sleep and/or live together for months before the wedding, so there is apparently significantly less red-face over what they were doing last night. =P

    • Yeah, that just makes it even more mockable. There’s a such thing as treasuring your intimate moments between yourselves, keeping it alive by remembering together, without the aid of a professional photographer. And I don’t care what they did last night, the expression on his face is still creepy.

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