Mundania 9

Recent life at the Jones House, in pictures, in no particular order or coherence.

20150303_142120Do you know what this is? If you’ve had a baby, you probably do. I found it when I cleaned out the medicine cabinet. I texted the picture to DJ, pointing out that the dried baby snot in it is at least five years old. He responded, “Burn it. Get the kids to help. They all hated it too.”


DJ’s mother promised us a set of china when we got married. Somehow the china ended up with his sister, who lugged the boxes through four different moves. Finally, she drove down to deliver them to us. We thought, “Oh, a couple of boxes of china!” Or, well, how about six boxes of china — a complete set, including a coffeepot.

It’s lovely. I’m happy to have it, and my sister-in-law is glad I finally have it, too.


You know what this is? No, you don’t, so just hush and let me tell you. The playroom door hasn’t had a doorknob for years. I had good reasons, somehow involving toddlers. Anyway, last week DJ demonstrated the miracle of WD40 to Ranger by oiling the squeaky hinges. All of a sudden, the door wouldn’t stay shut. So until we get a doorknob, I tied this cooler to a string and ran it through the hole. This way someone from inside the room can drag the cooler up against the door to keep it shut. See? I told you that you didn’t know what it was. (It’s brilliance, in case you’re still floundering.)

Also, I think that’s red wax stuck to the doorframe. And that’s the extent of my knowledge.


DJ said a few weeks ago, “When we get our tax return, I think I’d like to get a new TV.” I agreed; we got our old TV used, and have had it for about eleven years. It buzzes sometimes, and no TV ought to buzz.

But meanwhile I accomplished some major rearranging, which left our kitchen floor open. After seeing the new setup, DJ mused aloud, “Maybe I’d rather get a kitchen island instead.”

Yes, I’m married to a man who chose a kitchen island over a new TV. Yes, I’m pretty smug about that fact.


20150317_162052The new kitchen island had a rocky shelf. Which I fixed by balancing it with a rock. (Decorated rocks with melted crayons is a favorite craft of Ranger’s. But I did this one.)


20150317_142230 (1)
The first thing you should notice about this picture is that there is no snow, and that’s a 70-degree sky up there. Fresh out of February, that’s a beautiful sight.

The second thing you should notice is what I did, while walking along the bike path at the park. That little white thing caught in the branches. It’s a little stuffed dog.

I spent ten minutes throwing sticks at it to get it down. I would have succeeded, too. But a couple of guys were trundling around the park taking down Christmas lights, and they spotted me. Two men, driving a big machine that goes up high, rescuing a stuffed doggie for a woman. There was no way I could explain to them I didn’t want them to get it for me. So I said thanks.

Bookgirl holding the little damsel in distress. We named her Brooksie (the park has “Brook” in its name).

Gas was $2.25/gallon, and because of grocery points, we got $1.50 off. I paid about $0.75 a gallon to fill up the van. Figured it was worth immortalizing.

We went to Cracker Barrel last week. It took a long time for our food to come.


One thought on “Mundania 9

  1. This post has not shown up anywhere on Face Book yet, so I am commenting here. The set of china is beautiful, and you may be at the stage of actually using it. The doorstop makes me proud, the blue warm sky makes me happy for you, as does gas for 75 cents a gallon. I am glad you got the kitchen island; the kitchen looks a lot bigger, All in all, this was a cheery post.

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