Kid Bits (mostly boys)


“I love you one more than Jesus loves me.”

“I have two brains. And my two brains have really big muscles.”

Bookgirl mentioned an online game site that clearly labeled games as 13+ or 15+. “Because of blood effects?” asked Ranger. Bookgirl said it wasn’t just blood effects; it was difficulty and language too.

Ranger (who frequently gets his game and video choices nixed by his vigilant older siblings) said, “I played a game with blood effects. And it was hard. But the language was English.”

Gamerboy cooking: “It’s not a good idea to use paper as a skillet cover.”



One thought on “Kid Bits (mostly boys)

  1. I love these. Bookgirl’s very mature retort is great, and I enjoyed both the “…but the language was English,” and the paper skillet cover.

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