Another Date with Dirk Pitt?

I was relaxing with a book and Milano cookies when my inner BFF appeared and bounced onto the bed with me.

“Okay, so spill,” she said. “Why won’t you go out with him again?”

“Who, Dirk? Our date was a disaster,” I reminded her. “It wasn’t fun, he was a jerk… I basically wasted the evening.”

She helped herself to my Milanos. “Maybe you just didn’t see him at his best. I think he might be really sweet if you get to know him. You should try again.”

“You’re not serious.”

“I totally am! He’s really hot.”

“I know. He told me himself.”

“And popular. So many people love him.”

“He told me that, too.”

“Come on. Just one more date.” She hugged my pillow and gave me puppy-dog eyes. “How bad can it be?”

Guess we’ll find out. I’m 113 pages into Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler and suffering for it. Y’all will too, once I get done and blog about it. While you’re waiting, here, have a Milano.


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