Mock-A-Meme 14: Friendship (and B****es)

I’ve got several memes stacked up here on my netbook, so I need to share them with the world.


Yup, this is totally my experience. Me and my BFF, we drink whiskey, smoke sexily, and give each other tattoos. She looks like Marilyn Monroe, and I look like Audrey Hepburn, but we switch it up sometimes so I’m Monroe and she’s Hepburn. It confirms the age-old wisdom that getting dead drunk and tattooed is the very best way to deal with life’s problems.


The word bitch* shows up a lot in memes these days. Apparently, it’s something to strive for now, which is nice for some women I know, who are naturally talented in that direction. Anyway, note how the message meshes so beautifully with this picture — a woman who is broken down and also wearing revealing black outfit can build others up and her thigh-high stockings look really hot oh wait were you saying something?


Passive aggressive stab at people who don’t love you for who you are? Check. Use of the word “bitch”? Check. Rain and Umbrella? Check. It features the cute ragamuffin girls instead of sexy woman in clingy clothes, so juuusst barely misses the Golden Perfect Meme Award.

Treat her

I particularly like the wildly optimistic idea that a woman who lets a man treat her bad will eventually attract a man who will treat her well. But come on, this shifty-eyed woman rocks the red mask, lipstick, and red beads. A man looks at this and thinks, “She must be priceless as a person with an intelligent, thoughtful outlook on life. Sure would like to conversate with her.”

So, anyway, off to spend Monday being bitchy and wearing a red mask. Don’t worry — my true friends love me anyway, and someday I’ll find a man who does too.

* Advisory note to my children: This is a bad word, one that we don’t actually use, and not an attitude we strive for. I can use it on my blog for literary and ironic purposes and because I’m the mom. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Mock-A-Meme 14: Friendship (and B****es)

  1. Nice cautionary note there. And yeah, there’s now a clothing store in our town called, “Bitches’ Stitches” (Or possibly “Bitchs Stitchs,” the signage is ambiguous.) Why is this a positive development?

  2. It seems like women have appropriated this once negatively viewed word for women–bitch–to be their own. Now it’s totally fine for women to call other women their bitch? Am I the only one to not get this? This word that was once reserved for female dogs and mostly used by men as an insult, we now embrace? Um, not me. I don’t want to be called one nor will I call my friends one either. Maybe I’m old-fashioned that way.

    • I get the spirit of the word, I really do. But I’d rather just be a woman who stands up for herself and others… not a bitch. I mean, if a man holds his ground and doesn’t let others push him around, should we call him a dick as a compliment? (Note to children: see Advisory about this word, too.)

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