Out with the Joneses

We took a family trip to have frozen yogurt last night. This is the same yogurt place that has a giant chalkboard along one wall, and there’s only one thing to do when we go: Make Silly Speech Bubbles.

The Joneses know how to rock the nerd vibe.

20150226_203951Thoughtful Sparkler. Her bubble says, “8×7 = ummmm…. Oh, bunny!” Which is her default thinking pattern during school.

20150226_204259Bookgirl did this one, and told Sparkler to look excited. Sparkler didn’t know what it said until after I showed her the picture.

20150226_205034“A party with 100 people all talking to me? Bring it on!” Not a hilarious speech, except that it’s paired with Bookgirl, who spends most of her day with music in her ears and reminds siblings on a regular basis, “Don’t touch me.”

20150226_204828“I wish I was a trashcan!” It’s easy to hit the right comic note with five-year-old boys.

Sparkler expressed the following line of thought after thoroughly enjoying her yogurt. (Sparkler either thoroughly enjoys or is thoroughly disappointed with something. Not a whole lot of middle range in her emotional spectrum.)

“That was sooo good! Yogurt makes you happy! I guess that’s why they always do that in sitcoms, where people eat ice cream after a breakup. They eat ice cream and cry. But it never works.” Pause. “I bet Taylor Swift has to go to the gym four days a week because of all the ice cream she’d have to eat.”


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