Kid Bits

Ranger frequently poses questions:

“Wouldn’t it be weird if ice was stone? And stone was ice?”

“Wouldn’t it be weird if there was a snowflake as big as the whole earth?”

“Wouldn’t it be weird if all the cars on the road stuck together?”

When he begins, “Wouldn’t it be weird if…?” the answer is always, “Yes.”

Ranger: “Who was that on the phone?”

SJ: “Daddy.”

Ranger: “AGAIN?”

SJ: “Yes. He calls me a lot.”

Ranger: “Because he’s your honey?”

SJ: “Yes.”

Ranger: “Honey is actually a type of topping.”

Bookgirl and Gamberboy:

“That isn’t how you pronounce that.”

“I know! I was just being funny!”

“There’s no need to snap at me. I was just correcting you.”

“I don’t want you to correct me.”

“If you get something wrong, I will correct you.”

“Fine. Then I’ll snap at you.”

Clear communication, check.

Sparkler is writing journal entries for Cosmic the Bunny (who is confirmed as a male). He’s a bad speller, according to entries such as:

Day 1

i wass having A good time untilll thayy piked meee upppp

I’m in evvvvill caj.

Squeeky girl loveing me duh. Big scary boy neer mee.


And a standard family joke now:

Q: What is Cosmic’ favorite color?

A: Out!

A cute bunny doesn’t need really good punchlines.

When you sit down to cut out snowflakes and paper chains with your 5-year-old boy, you ought to expect that a robot with superblasters will eventually emerge.

Snowflake Robot



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