Stage Sparkler

All of our children do fine up in front of a crowd. Sparkler actively enjoys it. This isn’t really much of a revelation, I guess.

She attends a once-a-week class called Friday Friends, and today they performed a play for the parents. It was an old folktale called “The Apple Dumpling,” and the kids created the backdrops, memorized their lines, and did some credible acting for a bunch of seven- and eight-year-olds.

Sparkler had the main part, and was onstage for the entire (10-minute) performance. She radiated confidence and enjoyment. Bookgirl, Gamerboy, and I were pretty darn proud of her.

This was the best photo I managed to get. I was engrossed in the drama, what can I say?

And a final note. Apparently Sparkler and her teacher managed to scrub off the pink-and-green butterfly face mask that Bookgirl drew at 9:00 the night before. Ranger also had a face mask, which I’d tried to remove, leaving dark blue, red, and green smudges around his eyes and on his cheeks. He went to school looking like he’d fought off a band of thugs on the way.

“What’s on your face?” his teacher asked. “Magic Marker?”

“No, it wasn’t magic,” Ranger said. “It was a real one.”


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