Mundania 8

“Mom, are you scared of heights?”

“Kind of.”

“I’m not. One day I want the moon.”


“First I’ll need a really big ladder…”

For lunch I made Gamerboy grilled cheese, according to my own special recipe that goes like this:

First, burn one. Throw it away. Make a second one. Serve that one.


If you’re a good wife, you buy your husband some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

If you’re a forgetful wife, you fail to tell him it’s in the fridge.

If you’re a greedy wife, you eat the peanut butter cups yourself.

If you are DJ married to SJ, you are not in the slightest bit surprised by this sequence of events.

When it was time to start school and life back up after the holidays, DJ left a note for the kids explaining assignments and chores:


It’s all about finding the right motivation.


2 thoughts on “Mundania 8

  1. LOVED it! And am grateful to receive them via email, which does all the thinking and steps for me. I have a dear friend named Marilyn who is kind of a cross between Mam and Nana. She has been fighting cancer for a long time, but thankfully w/o pain! We do phone dates, and have for probably 5 years. Both have grandchildren & we truly love hearing updates/anecdotes from the other. I’m going to send her this, plus several more from lately. She will laugh and love them. Snow permitting, Evan and kids will arrive tomorrow afternoon til Sunday after church. Big plans are to go to bird sanctuary and feed seeds to chickadees, and go skating for an hour at the stadium. Last year when we went to feed chickadees, they FLOCKED to quiet Phil. I was just as still for at least 5 minutes, but they knew I was an imposter and stayed far away. How come VA is so far away anyway??? xoxoxo

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