Mock-a-Meme 13: Final Roundup

It’s been a fun run. Mocking memes has brightened a lot of my Mondays.

For this final installment…

… Well, sort of final. I’m sure that the pressure will build up periodically, and I’ll have to mock some more memes. But until then…

This final installment is a non-themed collection of memes that I just want to laugh at.


I’d rather just admire my own gorgeous legs. I don’t go in for fake drama. You can tell by the fake, dramatic flower on my hat.


Well, maybe not “together” so much as “me wandering all over your house and you leaving me alone.” And maybe not “unconditional” so much as “as long as you feed me and don’t move suddenly and make me freak out.” And you know, it’s been great talking and all, but how about you just let me out of my cage and walk away?

MoonI had no idea the moon was into such horrible puns. Also, Moon, you live life to the fullest on only one, maybe two days out of the month. Can we spend the second half of the month waning away to nothing? Not to be anti-social; we just don’t like fake drama.


Dear God, please make my life perfect. Um, today, please? We’re getting to the middle of the month so I want to live life to the fullest, which is easier when life is perfect.

Spouse like youOh, and P.S. God, the spouse you gave me doesn’t want to ride through a field on just one bike, and stop to laugh and kiss me in the sunlight. Could you see about that, too? Thanks so much.

Healing and magic

Whoa. So much for listening to the Moon and praying to God! Everything I need is inside me! And I’ve got way more of it than that woman, because her middle and her thighs are pretty sadly lacking in the storage department.


I checked on Deadbook, and sure enough, not one person shared this meme. Spoilsports.

It’s been fun, y’all.






2 thoughts on “Mock-a-Meme 13: Final Roundup

  1. Second to last one. That sound like some theme of a little kid’s movie. Preferably with “magical people who believe in happy.”

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