A Bunny of Cosmic Proportions

Meet Cosmic.


This is Bookgirl’s Christmas present. She’s been campaigning for a rabbit for two or three years, and we finally just got one last week. He’s a baby Mini Rex, and we’re not even sure he’s a he. But we had to call him something.

She named him Cosmic because he’s black like space and white like stars. We mostly call him “Bunny,” as in, “Does anybody know where it is right now?”

Cosmic was happy in his new hutch for about two days. Now his greatest ambition in life is to get out of it. He’s very nosy, and also enjoys foraging: he’s found such delicacies as old popcorn crumbs, spilled birdseed, and one strawberry shredded wheat square (I got the other four cleaned up before he got to those).

Bookgirl takes good care of her new little friend, while Sparkler keeps him company. He in return licks their fingers. But when he’s out of his cage, all bets are off. Everybody is an owl or a wolf, and good luck catching that little ball of black-and-white greased lightning.


He discovered everything his little bunny heart was longing for when he managed to get behind the couch. We’ve got a long sectional that’s pulled away from the wall to allow some of the seats to recline. It’s apparently Bunny Heaven.

It was also an utter disaster.


Note the use of “was.” I spent a whole afternoon cleaning out behind the couch, for the express purpose of rabbit-proofing it. I don’t remember this being part of Bookgirl’s research on what we would need if we got a rabbit.


But it’s really kind of hard to resist cuteness like this. Or would be if we could get him out from behind the couch.


5 thoughts on “A Bunny of Cosmic Proportions

  1. Love the pix and post. Love the way 3 of the kids have talked about him/her so far. Haven’t heard words from Pip, but know he’s enthralled too What fun to have a common object to enjoy. May it last forever. ❤

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