Mock-a-Meme 12

Where do memes come from?

Well, when a picture really, really loves some words, they get together in a special way and… Who am I kidding? Nobody knows how most memes are created or born. They’re just there.

But the website Raw for Beauty seems to be a breeding spot for meme-type pictures. Just in case you think I have to really look for examples of the “well-shaped-woman-in-clingy-clothes” thing, here’s a whole collection for your viewing pleasure.

I call this one The White Dress Collage:


Although it’s hard to read all the words, the general message is one of dreamy happiness, inner strength, and clothes that maintain a very tenuous connection with their hosts. And legs. Legs play a very big part in self-empowerment.

Also, although most of our strength comes from within it, it’s apparently stimulated by copious amounts of sunlight and humidity — best obtained by gazing at the sun at the waterside, as demonstrated below.

I call this one Vitamin D is for Dreams


For the record, it takes me about fifteen minutes to create these supermemes.

Well, it’s been fun, but it’s about time to wrap up… What? Okay, okay. I’ll do one more collage.

I call this collection Mystical Fantasy Collage.

RfB1Same beautiful ideals. But fewer clothes, weirder headdresses, and lots of time in nature… preferably nature on a distant planet. If our sun imparts inner strength, just think what an alien moon can do!

So, woman, go and bare thy legs and shoulders, and gaze. Self-empowerment is just a light-year away!


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