Mock-a-Meme 11: Hunks

You know what’s hard to find in meme-world?

Men, that’s what.

I guess it’s a good thing that all these women are happy with their gorgeous selves, because there aren’t many men around to keep them company. Not on earth, anyway.

Apparently angels are pretty smokin’ hot.

Hunky Angel

So this is what I get if I suffer? Okay then, God. Bring it ON.

P.S. Silk slips don’t fit me like that. I look good in a sweetheart-neckline tunic and leggings, though. Can I wear that instead? Do you think the angel will mind?

In pursuit of hunky men equality, I reworked some memes from my other posts. This way men can experience the same inspirational feelings of frustration that women usually do. It’s a service I like to provide for males everywhere. Ask me about shopping for underwear.

Beauty begins    Guy

You can’t argue with that beauty, guys. So come on, decide to be yourself! By way of being in your mid-twenties, working out at the gym, getting sexy tattoos, and don’t forget the scruff.

Spirit soar    Happy_Man_in_Field

It’s proven that spirits soar better when the man in question is shirtless with jeans on. Women’s spirits do, anyway.

Audrey Hepburn   Kilt

And it really helps your confidence to look like that in a kilt, boys. Trust me on this.

In closing, I think we can all see that objectifying men has exactly the same effect as objectifying women. It dulls our sense of the inherent value of people just as they are. It clouds the message of… Ooh, another angel!

Shirtless Angel

If you need me, I’ll be praying for extra protection and guarding and stuff.


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