Carte Blech

I’ve never been the mom who insists that my children eat something they don’t like. Maybe I would have been if Gamerboy hadn’t spent the first four years of his life throwing stuff up. Regardless, food is not a battle I’ll fight.

But about a year and a half ago, I realized that I was cooking two and sometimes three different suppers every evening to accommodate the different tastes around the table. That’s especially not fun when you’re cooking for the pickiest children since… well, since I was a kid. So I made a decree:

If you don’t like what I’ve cooked, you can have cereal and milk.

Of course, not all the children like cereal with milk on it. So they get dry cereal.

How often, you ask? Too, that’s how often. Below, I’ve included one week’s worth of meals that I cooked (from scratch) and served hot within fifteen minutes after DJ got home from work. And then I’ve noted how many kids opted for the alternative meal of cereal from a box.

It’s a good thing these results don’t in any way drive me up the wall.

Sunday: Sweet potato & ginger curry
All 4: Cereal

Monday: Chili with corn muffins
3 of 4: Cereal (and muffins)

Tuesday: Sausage stuffing, honey-thyme butternut squash
All 4: Cereal

Wednesday: Teriyaki chicken, rice, brown-sugar carrots
All 4: Cereal

Thursday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, french bread
3 of 4: Pasta with no sauce

Friday: Hamburgers
2 of 4: Cereal

Saturday: Ham, black-eyed peas, stewed apples
3 of 4: Cereal

But at least I know this: if my children ever find themselves in a strange castle, they will never sit down and eat the enchanted food and suffer terrible consequences. It’s the little things that keep us going.


4 thoughts on “Carte Blech

  1. “…they will never sit down and eat the enchanted food” – unless it’s cereal.

    Your meals sound delicious, Sara! I’m sorry you don’t have a more appreciative audience!

  2. I have no understanding of this. Dinner wasn’t a fight at my house growing up because it HAD been for both my parents as kids…but I remember eating dinner. I can’t imagine not eating dinner. I would starve. Even if cereal had been offered as an alternative. I don’t remember not liking dinner–maybe some of the weird veggies, but for the most part Mom didn’t like the weird veggies either so she only made them for Dad 😛

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