Mock-a-Meme 10

“So you just don’t like memes, huh?”

Actually, I do like some memes. In fact, I like some of the ones I make fun of. My point isn’t so much what the words say; it’s how the pictures often undercut their own messages.

Not all memes have this problem. Take this one. Although I think the message is stupid, at least the picture makes sense:


And I like this one, both the message and the fact that the picture reinforces the sentiment:Souls

So, no, I don’t necessarily dislike memes.

But so many of them need to be mocked. And that’s why we are gathered here today.


Hoo boy, Granny’s lookin’ dang hot these days! “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s boy toy’s house we go!” Most women don’t look like this at 27, much less 57. It’s nice to know that even well into retirement, we can still feel inadequately sexy.


That body looks pretty perfect to me. Maybe her flaw is that she’s a liar. Meaning that she might be lying about not being fake. On the other hand, she might be lying about being not-perfect, although if that’s the case, she wouldn’t lie because she’s perfect. This is a very complicated meme.

Short girl

Speaking as a short girl myself, I know that I’m most appreciated for my perfectly-proportioned body — especially the generously-sized breasts compared to my small frame. And if there’s one thing that short girls are absolutely known for, it’s having legs that go on for miles.

And despite his stupid grin, I’m sure the guy appreciates her for who she is, not for how she fills up the horizontal space between them.

(It would probably be unladylike to notice that the guy doesn’t fill up any horizontal space at all, if you get my drift; it makes me wonder exactly how interested he is in her. Oh, sorry, was I not supposed to be looking? Sorry, let’s concentrate on those exaggerated girl parts again and leave the boys alone.)

You know, it really shouldn’t take much brainpower to figure out that pin-up pictures are not the ideal illustration for women’s empowerment messages.

Snow VacationAnd lucky for us, life usually has us go on snowy weekend vacations (without kids), where we can sit beside a fire pit and laugh with a very attractive partner. Also, it often throws in decorative lanterns as a bonus.


Oh my gosh, how did they know? That’s what I always look like after I’ve been rejected, betrayed, and abandoned! I have worn that expensive vintage hat and that flawless lipstick in every single one of my thousand battles! Also, you can’t see from this picture, but I’m wearing stilettos. They hurt like heck, but sure do look good. And that’s what matters.

Just remember: today’s strong woman in stilettos is tomorrow’s hot grandma. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already picked out my coordinating cape to go with my catsuit.


2 thoughts on “Mock-a-Meme 10

  1. “Just remember: today’s strong woman in stilettos is tomorrow’s hot grandma. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already picked out my coordinating cape to go with my catsuit.”

    That’s worthy of a meme all by itself! :-

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