Mock-a-Meme 9

Since I spent the weekend traveling,  today I’m serving a random assortment of memes for your browsing pleasure.

Woman on Tractor Path

But if you lie down on a tractor path, you’ll want to be aware that it’s a tractor zone.



This was my result from a Facebook quiz. Evidently, 57% Organized women — like myself — dress in neo-hippie sundresses and drape themselves languidly over their kitchen counters.


Beauty begins

So go ahead and be a ballet dancer! Graceful, athletic, and disciplined. Oh, hang on. You’re not graceful and athletic? You’d rather clear out brush with a machete, or maybe you eat crackers-and-mustard and cheese for breakfast? That’s just weird. Don’t be that. Be a ballet dancer.



Fortunately, we all have long blond hair, sensual lips, and look cute in a fuzzy hat pulled down over our eyes.



So you’re saying that tomorrow we’re all going to wake up with smooth skin, slender shoulders, and a perfectly-shaped chin? Bring it on!


Pink Tutu

But no matter how much you love your red tutu, sometimes it’s just time to change.



Plus, when you stand up on the inside, you are far less likely to plunge into the pond.

I think we can all learn the important lesson illustrated here, namely, that there was a reason her mother told her not to go on that weekend lake trip with her college buddies.


You might notice that three of these memes came from Raw for Beauty, a website that — whatever else its purpose — apparently lets users create their own memes. They’re such easy targets that sometimes I feel bad for mocking them.




See, now, most of the women I’ve known who have an “attitude” were pretty insecure. A confident women doesn’t have to have an attitude… are you listening to me? Yes, I know he’s blue. And she’s yellow. But I’m making a point here… What? I think he’s supposed to be wearing Native American stuff or something… yes, I know he doesn’t look Native, he looks like he was born in a mall… This picture seems to distract from its own message.

Imagine that.

You got a meme? I got a mock!


4 thoughts on “Mock-a-Meme 9

  1. Women who are 32% organized, like myself, find the counters too encumbered with banana peels and spilled flour for draping, and we are sure we put that sundress in the closet back in August–maybe it was the previous August–so it will no doubt turn up someday.

    On the other hand, at least we have the sense to stay out of tractor paths and off of floating mattresses, wear our hats up high enough to see where we are going, and have some mean machete skills.

  2. Her counters are a mess by the way, anyone else notice the random faucet head in front of the microwave/toaster oven thing…

  3. All were worthy of mocking but I can’t stop focusing on the last. Exactly how is a strong man supposed to “handle” a strong woman? Gently? By ignoring her and closing his eyes? I’m also not convinced that the woman is portraying a “strong woman” look. It seems a little more like adoration to me. And he appears to be basking in her adoration by closing his eyes. No, this meme will not work…

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