Mock-a-Meme Monday 6

We already know how romantic it is to kiss in the rain, thanks to Taylor Swift. Today’s memes demonstrate that rain is also empowering! As well as showing off your youth and your superior physical attractions. What, you’re not particularly young, or don’t have particularly superior physical attractions? Well, then, that’s why you’re not in a meme, now isn’t it?

Log in rain

Every single circumstance, did you get that? Including the fact that the tree you’re lying on could get struck by lightning because of the rainstorm and pitch you into the river below.

Judging in Rain

Just because you sit in a creek and obviously do not grasp exactly how an umbrella works is no reason to judge yourself as, um, stupid. After all, you look good in a short white dress and your bare feet are really cute. (P.S. This meme doesn’t actually make any sense, but I’m not judging.)

And let’s just pause here for a couple of reminders of what happens to some people’s hair after the rainstorm:

Bad hair Bad hair 2

Also, this is what you see while wearing glasses during the rainstorm:

Rainy window 1 Rainy window 2 Rainy window 3 Rainy window 4

Note that meme-women in the rain don’t wear glasses and don’t have short, indecisively-curly hair.

Raining blessingsHere’s somebody else with impaired umbrella skills. After all, it’s not actually raining. But she is so cute that we can forgive her like we did the rain-puddle meme-woman.

She also looks mighty happy with her umbrella, even though the meme clearly informs us that it’s our very own fault that we aren’t more blessed. God’s trying up there, but if we don’t have the right attitude and emotional equilibrium… well, sorry, y’all. Not much the omnipotent creator of the universe can do!

Dance in the rain

Especially if you’ve got a good silhouette for your cute dress to cling to. A cute dress, by the way, that still flares out despite being drenched. Maybe it’s the remains of her umbrella.

Spirit soar

Just a bit of weirdness to end up today’s session. After studying this picture carefully, I finally decided that her head is on the right way.  From a male perspective, this meme has a lot of potential, but in the end fails to show anything of real value.

But these memes are all about women’s empowerment! What does it matter to men what the pictures show?

Good question. They’re geared toward women, but they feature pictures to appeal to men.  And nobody seems to know where they all come from.

It’s the grand mystery of memes, almost as mysterious as how umbrellas work.


5 thoughts on “Mock-a-Meme Monday 6

  1. Where do you find these things? Are the people who make them serious? I actually like the concept on the last one–wonder of wonders–but there are many better dance poses to snap pictures of.

    • Some of them I come across on my newsfeed, or friends send them to me. I found a few on Pinterest. And there’s a whole hive of them at They’re so awful that I won’t even mock most of them.

      And I sometimes do like the sentiment of the meme (the one about not waiting for the storm to pass, for instance). But the pictures, taken all together, are so redundant that it triggers my parody reflex.

  2. Loved this read! I’ve stopped reading most memes because they are either really stupid, or really really wrong. I am blaming you for my soup boiling over as I was engrossed in reading this though. 😉

  3. The sitting-in-the-puddle thing is, in fact, something Caramel would do for fun. She’d sit down for a minute, then go splashing around again, preferably with her friends.

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