Mock-a-Meme Monday 5

My promise to you: you keep sending me memes, I will keep mocking them.

Here’s the thing about today’s meme. I actually agree with the sentiment. After all, I’ve never really considered myself particularly beautiful. So, rock on, meme! I was definitely looking for a man like this:

Most beautiful girl

Oh, hang on. You noticed it, too?

These inspiring words overlay a picture of smooth, young shoulders and a trim waist. If you look closely, you’ll see that she has long blond hair. I’m willing to bet that most men would volunteer to let her make their world beautiful.

But in case you don’t get it, I’ve redone the meme. With a picture that maybe makes the point better.


That’s me.

That’s what my hair does after it gets wet and then air-dries. Also, when this picture was taken, my fourth baby was two months old,  so I can guarantee I didn’t have a trim waist.  Actually, I haven’t had a waist at all since 2001. And my glasses are cockeyed because some kid’s head came into violent contact with them. Plus, isn’t that a fantastic green chair? We had that chair for years. Somebody from the 70s gave it to us.

So yeah. I still like the message. But the meme has to work a darn sight harder when there’s a real woman involved.

But then, so do real men.


9 thoughts on “Mock-a-Meme Monday 5

  1. LOL! That is fantastic. But how come girls get all the good memes stuff here? Why don’t guys have memes like this?

    “Real women don’t love the hunkiest guy – the love the guy who can make their world the … um, hunkiest?”

    For some reason that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 😀

    • That’s a really good point, Jesse. I’ve wondered that myself. Why do all memes have pictures of women on them? Even though they’re aimed at women? Basically, women get to feel empowered while men get to enjoy sexy legs. That doesn’t short out a few circuits or anything.

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